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New Osteopathic Approach to Cervicogenic Disorders: 
This 4 days course provides a deep dive into managing cervicogenic disorders, including neck pain, headache, tinnitus, and dizziness, emphasizing a variety of approaches for patients with complex care needs. It includes the Advanced Volumetric Approach (AVA), developed specifically for complex cases, blending principles from various osteopathic experts​​.

Dates: January 22-25, 2026

Instructor:  Joseph Gill-Lussier, B.Sc, B.Mus, D.O. (Q), Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Science

Venue: Evolve Massage College

1445 Portage Ave, Winnipeg, MB (5th floor)Located within the Uquutaq Medical Boarding Home (formerly the Clarion hotel) across from Polo Park

Cherry Tree



Cervicogenic disorders (neck pain, headache, tinnitus, dizziness) represent a frequent reason for consultation. This course aims at deepening knowledge and providing osteopaths with a variety of approaches for patients with complex care trajectories who have already consulted osteopaths and other therapists without results. The literature on chronic neck pain, cervicogenic headaches and cervicogenic dizziness will be presented in order to inform clinicians. The pathophysiology, epidemiology, semiology and differential diagnosis associated with these disorders will be discussed. From a clinical point of view, it will be taught how to apply this knowledge in the field in a preventive, curative, palliative or referencing framework, taking into account the delimited field of action of osteopaths.


 THE ADVANCED VOLUMETRIC APPROACH (AVA) is an osteopathic technique developed by Joseph Gill-Lussier, D.O. specifically designed for complex cases. Based on the principles taught by Robert Rousse, D.O., the technique incorporates influences from Becker, Hoover, and Arbuckle to create a unique and effective clinical approach. The AVA method involves establishing a dialogue with the patient's tissues and engaging the whole person to achieve the normalization of the cervical neurological subunit. The approach also considers the neuromechanical link between the peripheral levers and structural manipulations and their effects on the central nervous system. Moreover, the AVA approach takes into account andragogical, self-efficacy, and biopsychosocial models to guide treatment. This collaborative clinical approach is known to effectively address complex cases found in the clinic, and has helped many patients to achieve better outcomes.



• RAISING THE OSTEOPATH’S AWARENESS OF to the importance in identifying the root causes of the imbalance, headaches, tinnitus, pain and of considering possible comorbidities and interdisciplinary collaboration.


• LEARN THE OSTEOPATHIC ASSESSMENT AND APPROACH of patients with cervicogenic disorders with the Advanced Volumetric Approach.




• UNDERSTAND the pathology and pathophysiology associated with cervicogenic disorders implicating dizziness, headache, tinnitus and neck pain.

• KNOW the existence of their main dangerous mimics (transient ischemic attack, arrhythmia, stroke, etc.)

 • UNDERSTAND the delimited field of action of the osteopath and the importance of referencing in the treatment of the various vestibular, central or vascular pathologies.

• EVALUATE AND USE the Advanced Volumetric Approach, therefore:

• KNOW HOW TO APPROACH proprioceptive cervicogenic dizziness, cervicogenic headaches, cervicogenic tinnitus, and chronic neck pain.

•DEVELOP THE NECESSARY KNOW-HOW AND MENTAL POSTURE in the technical procedure and in the therapeutic contact with the patient.

• ESTABLISH a logical relationship between structures, anxiety and fatigue, and function in the context of cervicogenic disorders.

• KNOW THE KEY STRUCTURES of the different systems and mechanisms to guide relevant and effective intervention in osteopathy in the context of damage to the cervical neurological subunit.


Registration to come.  If you are interested before registration is open please email us at

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